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Voting and Elections

General elections in Altona are held every four years. Elections are held in order to elect a Mayor and six Councillors to represent the Town of Altona.

Once elected, Town Council decides through policy and setting direction what programs will be delivered, the level of service, and the allocation of human and financial resources.

The next General Election will be held on October 26th, 2022

Learn more about Municipal and School Board Elections 2022

View the video below from the Government of Manitoba's Municipal Relations Department regarding the 2022 Election 

In order to be eligible to vote, a person must be:

  • at least 18 years old
  • A Canadian Citizen
  • a resident of the Town of Altona for at least six (6) months immediately prior to the date of the Election OR the actual registered owner of property in the Town of Altona, for at least the SIX (6) month period immediately prior to the date of the election.

Any person who is temporarily absent from the Town of Altona (eg. study purposes, extended vacation), has not established Permanent Residency elsewhere, and has not been placed on an electors list in another municipality in Manitoba is eligible to vote, provided that they otherwise meet the above requirements.

Any person who is eligible to vote (see “Am I Eligible to Vote?”) in municipal elections in the Local Authority of the Town of Altona can have their name added to the Voters List, or have any information about the voter on the Voters List corrected.

Any person can request to have their name and address obscured from the Voters List. A person whose name has been obscured will receive a Personal Security Certificate and identification number. In a civic election, that person may only vote by Sealed Envelope Ballot and cannot vote in person at the regular or advance voting places.

2021 Annual Public Notice Voters List