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Business Licence

Who needs a licence to operate?

Any person or company from outside the Town of Altona or the Municipality of Rhineland not conducting business solely to the Commercial, Retail or Industrial sectors within the Town of Altona must obtain a business licence.

Business License Fees: 

7 days or less: $100

7-365 days: $200 

Food Trucks: 

Prior to setting up your vehicle/cart/object from which you sell food at a location within the Town of Altona, you must have a business licence, and you must have authorization for location from the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town of Altona. 

Door to Door Sales: 

Any sales of goods, wares or services either by means of going door to door, or from place to place are prohibited unless the sales are made on behalf of a charitable or non-profit organization from within the Town of Altona.

Who does not need a licence to operate?

  • Anyone selling their own produce (e.g. Farmer’s Market) 
  • Businesses operating from the Commercial or Industrial Zones in the Altona or Rhineland 
  • Home based businesses in Altona or Rhineland
  • Any business conducting business solely to the Commercial, Retail, or Industrial sectors in Altona. 

Apply for a licence: 

Downloadable Business Licence Application Form (PDF)

More information:

You can read the entire bylaw here: 

BL-1752 Business Licence By-law

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