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Strategic Priorities

Asset Management

It can be tough to make decisions about maintaining, replacing and repairing municipal infrastructure. We have to weigh budgetary needs against critical services such as roads, arenas, bridges, drinking water and wastewater systems. To make good decisions, we need accurate data, and need to know how the community may grow and change. Asset management helps us manage municipal infrastructure assets and make better investment decisions. It also helps reduce risks so we can provide reliable and affordable services and a high quality of life to our residents.

Business Growth

Our community is growing, and to maintain our strong economy, it is important to take the long view when making decisions and investments into infrastructure. The business growth committee focuses on sustainable economic development in our community, and lately has been focused on the expansion to the industrial park.

Community Engagement

Altona is a community of "do-ers", and we want to connect with you. This strategy is focused around increasing civic engagement and community connection, building relationships and seeking input from the community on decision making and planning.

Outdoor Spaces

This strategy highlights underutilized green spaces in the community, and aims to create a long term plan for our green spaces and active transportation routes.