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Climate Change Local Action Plan

The Town of Altona’s Climate Change Local Action Plan was finalized in 2019 using a framework from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection Program. The focus is primarily on the overall reduction of community greenhouse gas emissions. The current version of the plan is a starting point, a living document that evolves over time with additional community consultation and adjustments as our collective situation changes over time.

 Climate Change Local Action Plan Document

The Partners for Climate Protection Program has five milestones:

  1. Creating a GHG emissions inventory and forecast
  2. Setting an emissions reduction target
  3. Developing a local action plan
  4. Implementing a local action plan
  5. Monitoring and reporting results

The Town of Altona has achieved the first four milestones with having submitted its first implementation update in February 2021.   Milestone 5 would require a refresh of the GHG emissions inventory to determine the Town’s progress in achieving GHG emissions reductions.

The Town originally set the following five goals in its CCLAP:

  1. Sustainably Manage Water
  2. Reduce Transportation and GHG Emissions
  3. Reduce Community Waste
  4. Reduce Energy Consumption
  5. Increase Climate Change Awareness

Within each of the above goals are objectives and actions that would help achieve the stated goals.  The Implementation Update submitted in 2021 includes a table summarizing the Town’s progress in achieving each of its goals.  Some examples of actions successfully implemented since the CCLAP’s inception include:

  • Developing a community organics strategy and the eventual implementation of an enhanced curbside compost collection program.
  • Introduction of a waste diversion program at the Altona/Rhineland Waste Disposal Grounds.
  • Adoption of a single bag limit for residential curbside garbage collection.
  • Adoption of a Drought Management Plan in conjunction with Pembina Valley Water Co-op’s Drought Management Plan.
  • Adoption of a water conservation by-law outlining regulations for water use within the Town of Altona.
  • Partnering with ACAN to promote gardening at the community garden and sustainable practices through education and action.
  • Upgrading the ice plants at the Millennium Exhibition Centre to better manage energy efficiency.
  • Upgrading pumps at water reservoirs and sewer lift stations for more efficient energy use.
  • Adopting an energy optimization lens when evaluating infrastructure investments.
  • Converting lighting to LED at the Millennium Exhibition Centre and the Public Works shop.  More facilities will be converted as allowed within future municipal budgets.
  • Completion of the Downtown Drainage project to enhance the Town’s storm water management capacity.  Additional storm water management improvements are being studied and planned in other areas of Altona.
  • Back-up power generators were installed to support the Town’s water and wastewater facilities in case of power outages during severe weather events.   Additional generators are being planned for other facilities to ensure continued municipal services during severe weather emergencies.
  • Community consultation and information session with the Manitoba Climate Action Team

In 2022, the Town of Altona Council, along with community representatives (members of the Altona Community Action Network) and members of staff assembled a CCLAP Implementation Committee, and have met regularly to review progress. 

In 2023, a small and dedicated group of local volunteers, led by the Manitoba Green Action Centre, joined together to perform a Green Audit of Altona's largest public facility - the Millennium Exhibition Centre. 2023 Green Audit Report