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Public Water System

The Town of Altona operates a public water system which includes treatment facilities, water storage reservoirs and distribution lines subject to the terms and conditions within its operating license (see download below) from the Office of Drinking Water of Manitoba Sustainable Development.  An annual compliance audit is issued by the Office of Drinking Water to show that the Town of Altona has fulfilled its obligations in complying with the terms and conditions of its license.  The annual compliance audits for the past three years are provided below.

As per its license, the Town of Altona must submit an annual report to the Office of Drinking Water by March 31st of each year on the operation of the water system in the immediately preceding calendar year.  The annual public water system reports for the past three years are available for download below.  Free paper copies of these reports and previous years are also available at the Town of Altona Civic Centre upon request.

Water Meter Replacement Project 

It's time for a new water meter!

Neptune Technology Group is in Altona now to replace water meters in all homes. They were awarded the contract to complete this work earlier this year, and will be starting in August to accomplish that goal. They will be sending out letters, going door to door, and leaving tags on your door requesting that you set an appointment for this replacement. You can make your appointment by calling 1-800-667-4387 or visiting once you've received a notice to do so. 

Why new meters?

The majority of the old Neptune meters in Altona have reached the end of their recommended service life, which means that replacement is now required. Homes with older meters will receive a full replacement, and those with newer meters will get a new register with all of the same features as the full meters. The new water meters have a 20-year warranty on parts. They will look very similar to the ones that they are replacing but are loaded with additional features, such as remote readings. 

Remote Readings means that there will be no more quarterly meter cards for Altona residents! The Town of Altona team will read the new meters by simply driving by the address, eliminating reading errors and estimates. This will simplify the workflow for residents, and for administrative staff. The system integrates well into our existing billing platform, and also creates the opportunity to go to a monthly reading system, sorting out abnormal flows when they happen instead of waiting for the quarterly billing. The water meters will have a built in antenna, eliminating the need for running wires through the house to an external reader pad. 

The system will also store data for 96 days, meaning that if you have a question about their own water consumption, our team can sit down with you and review flow rates. In addition, the system can help identify leaks by flagging a meter that has non-stop flow for an abnormal period of time, helping homeowners resolve issues sooner and conserve water and money from leaking down the drain. It will also flag abnormal usage such as tampering or backflow, to allow those issues to be corrected immediately.

Rate Change Notice


The Town of Altona has passed By-law No. 1809/2023 revising the Town of Altona Water and Sewer Utility rates, effective January 1st, 2023 to 2027 as follows:




Water & Sewer

January 1, 2023 Rate per thousand gallons




January 1, 2024 Rate per thousand gallons




January 1, 2025 Rate per thousand gallons




January 1, 2026 Rate per thousand gallons




January 1, 2027 Rate per thousand gallons





Please note that the rate change affects only the water rate.  The rate increase results from an increase in the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative’s (PVWC) water rates effective January 1st, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027 as approved under the Public Utilities Board Order No.’s 138/22 and 140/22.


Town of Altona Public Water System Operating License (PDF)

2023 Public Water System Annual Report (PDF)

2022 Public Water System Annual Report (PDF)

2021 Public Water System Annual Report (PDF)

2021 Annual Compliance Audit (PDF)

2020 Public Water System Annual Report (PDF)

2020 Annual Compliance  Audit (PDF)

2019 Public Water System Annual Report (PDF)

2019 Annual Compliance Audit (PDF)

2018 Public Water System Annual Report (PDF)

2018 Annual Compliance Audit (PDF)

2017 Public Water System Annual Report (PDF)

2017 Annual Compliance Audit Report (PDF)